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jumping on the bed of roses
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Thursday, May 10th, 2012
9:35 pm
Monique won!
Monique White negotiated a new, affordable loan with her mortgage bank. Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, forwarded, etc. And respect to Monique, she showed tremendous fortitude and grace through the whole thing - not to mention moving out of the individual, private shame of foreclosure into public community solidarity. Her victory will help others.

Friday, March 2nd, 2012
5:48 pm
asking for help
Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in forever, and if you read my facebook you've seen this anyway.

But this is a plea for 1 minute worth of help to Minneapolis resident Monique White, who's been working with Occupy Homes to save her home in North Minneapolis. She lives in a zip code, 55411, where in the last 5 years 51% of homes have been in foreclosure at some point. There are enough nonstandard practices in her foreclosure and short sale proceedings that we are pretty sure the bank doesn't have a legal right to evict, but if an eviction date is set in court on Monday she will be trying to fight them on an even more unequal footing - they'll have the house.

Today, representatives from the Attorney General's office say that Freddie
Mac has refused to pause the eviction process to give the attorney general
time to fully investigate Monique's case for errors or illegal activity
committed by the Bank during the process that may render the entire process

Please make an urgent call to Freddie Mac's Public relations
representative Brad
German: Tell him to cancel Monique White's eviction hearing so the attorney
general's office can investigate to make sure no fraud was committed in her
case. Brad_german@freddiemac.com 703-903-2437

When I called, I got an answering machine, and I don't expect an actual human to pick up, but this is one of the few forms of legal pressure we have. Or email. Ask Freddie Mac to cancel the court date and hold off on eviction proceedings while the Minnesota Attorney General investigates the case to make sure the eviction is legal.
Monday, June 7th, 2010
11:49 pm
look! A post!
Rosa, Jenn, Jennie, Rose, JJ, TIGER

There are only two! Pink boy-cut briefs, teal nightie.

Get my sleep schedule in order, simplify my calendar, Mica's birthday party to go well.

Rode around Lake Nokomis in 2 different multi-person bikes, ate hot dogs under an umbrella, listened to Mica singing in the bathtub.

the HRC fundraiser who sounded sincere but kind of frazzled (and very New York); my coworker Donna; T-Roy.

Work very efficiently, grocery shop, and put cages around those tomato plants.

iced coffee w/sweetened condensed milk, white Russian, pomegranate fizz.

Chikka Chikka boom boom!...maybe I don't smile enough.
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
1:13 am
I watched Hoarders with Katie when we were in Milwaukee and now i've been lost in the TWoP forums about them and a bunch of hoarding links.

This one is just amazing, and not in the freakshow-spectacle wayv. http://reclaimingdignity.homestead.com/stories.html:

It was slow and hard in the beginning and very overwhelming. I think the only thing I was able to do at first was empty my overflowing ashtray, which was like knocking a piss ant off an elephant, but at least it was something. After that, I started picking up trash 30 seconds at a time, all within arm's reach of my recliner. Then I put a trashcan beside my chair so I had someplace to put the debris that always seemed to collect around it. Since I managed to created a little oasis of clean there, I moved on to my computer desk, all the while making sure I maintained what I'd already done. After that, it began to get easier and I was able to create more little pockets of order, just by nibbling away at it, bit by bit. Eventually, those little pockets started to meet up and I found I had whole areas that were beginning to come together. Over the course of the last two years, I managed to move tons of building materials, rebuild my kitchen, including totally recreating, refinishing, and reinstalling my cabinets and sink. I moved tons of boxes and furniture, and in the process, cleared and cleaned out tons of useless clutter. I scrubbed every wall and surface of the thick grime built up from the years of neglect and I did it all just a few minutes at a time.

Coincidentally, Mica lost his first tooth on our drive to Missouri, and because he dropped it into the pit of our car, I can't find it. However, just reading the Hoarders synopses has gotten two boxes of clutter out of our attic today.
Friday, October 30th, 2009
12:37 pm
another Flylady testimonial i love
Dear FlyLady,

I just had to share this story. My dd(3)'s room is my old sewing room. It's tiny, between the kitchen and the basement, so it's clutter drop-off central. I just couldn't take it anymore, trying to squeeze through a half open door with a filled to overflowing laundry basket. So I ripped into it- tossing and hurling stuff everywhere, then thinking I broke decluttering SHE rule #1, don't rip up more than you can put back in an hour, I just broke down and cried at the mess I had made.

After 5 minutes I gave myself a stern talking too and marched back in there and began tossing stuff into the garbage or into labeled storage containers. In only 45 minutes(!!!), everything that she needed was in the closet, along with all of my crafting supplies, labeled and organized. All that was left in her room was her bed, a small table with a night light, and a small box with her dolls. The first thing she said to me was, "Thanks, Mom, now I can dance" as she twirled around. I got teary-eyed watching her.

This is what a home is supposed to be for- dancing, loving, LIVING. Not an oppressing jumble of STUFF that sucks you dry of money and time to maintain. Her room is an oasis of peace. It feels like heaven in there. I told her I was going to move in with her (which she thought was a great idea!), it's the only room in the house that I can think in. I'm more determined than ever to give myself that gift in the rest of my home and in my life through the use of routines.

Many thanks for being a beacon for all of us on this journey.
Friday, October 23rd, 2009
2:57 am
i should take a picture...
Tomatos & Tomatillos that I put in the reading porch just before OMG First Snow, are getting ripe. YAY!
Thursday, September 10th, 2009
8:43 pm
So the potatos in the tires did not make tons of potatos. We now have 2-3x as many potatos as we started out with, I think. Maybe slightly more.

What they DID do is, the leaf mulch I put in turned into beautiful, beautiful dirt. Apparently there were some worms trapped in there in the little bit of dirt I put in, and they turned into lots of big fat earthworms and made me a four-tires-tall stack of worm castings.

And about a pound and a half of potatos. Which is not very much.
Friday, August 14th, 2009
10:47 am
Roundups - political blogs & sites
Mostly because I'm organizing & purging my bookmarks, this is the first of a series. These are "the personal is the political" things, not politics-as-sport.

less political, more fun: http://www.tcdailyplanet.net/

Group blogs & magazines:

Alas, a Blog http://www.amptoons.com/blog/
Shakesville http://shakespearessister.blogspot.com/

individual blogs:
Taking steps http://takingsteps.blogspot.com/
Make a Green Plan http://make-a-greenplan.blogspot.com/
Ojibway migisi bineshii http://ojibwaymigisibineshii.blogspot.com/
Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
9:45 pm
Circus Juventas
I can't even really describe all of the acts: there were people in the air on rings, on trapezes, on a three-person trapeze, hanging by their necks and hanging by their feet and swinging up until they could push off the ceiling and do somersaults...there was fire juggling and dancing and contortionists and Chinese Dragons. Mulan was in there and she fought off the wild Mongol hordes and their spirits(?) came down out of the sky to try to save them.

It is still showing Wed-Sun next week and the week after.
Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
10:12 pm
who is that dude?
the voiceover for the current round of OMG CANADIAN STYLE MEDICINE ads sounds suspiciously like the voice of the OMG MEDICARE DRUG COVERAGE ads of a few years ago.
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
11:41 am
Every season, I think "soon this will be over and we will have more free time!"

this weekend: camping
next weekend: working
August 1 weekend: working
August 8: friend wedding
August 15: Iowa visit
August 22 & 29 weekends: family camping vacation w/Ben's family
September 5: set aside for canning
September 12 : FREE and UNSCHEDULED OMG
September 19: camping
September 26, probably it will snow.
Monday, July 6th, 2009
10:17 pm
Tiny cucumbers!
And tiny tomatillos, and one golfball-sized tomato!

On the negative, since yesterday something grabbed up my one surviving corn plant and ate the juicy bottom part of it. I think i need to put in a drinking bowl for squirrels, down where the cats can catch them. I've heard they go after veggies more for the liquid than anything else.

So, now that we know for sure the beans in the 3 sisters garden won't have corn to grow up, we scavenged some branches and strung up the beans on them.

Maybe i'll get pictures taken and posted, eventually.
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
2:44 pm
on the positive side
Here are the list of positive reasons to keep an item, compared to the list of bad reasons I posted before.

* if you love it
* if it makes you happy
* if you use it
* if it is functional

This is from another of Flylady's regular emails, on how to declutter. Use this criteria:

* Do I love this item?
* Have I used it in the past year?
* Is it really garbage?
* Do I have another one that is better?
* Should I really keep two?
* Does it have sentimental value that causes me to love it?
* Or does it give me guilt and make me sad when I see the item?

Cleanse this room of everything that does not make you SMILE.
Thursday, June 11th, 2009
6:41 pm
does your stuff own you?
Flylady sends this out once or twice a year. It always makes me think, and let go of another layer of stuff.

"Dear Friends,

Clutter has been our security blanket for a very long time. It
protected us from people, hard times and having to face ourselves.

When our homes are cluttered, we don't have people over. That way we
don't have to open ourselves up for the public to see how we really are.

Well I am here to tell you, you are worth getting to know. When you
get the clutter out of your home, you will not have to struggle with
the guilt of a messy house. Let's peel back these layers of clutter
and get down to the real you that has been hiding behind this wall. I
don't know you all, but I do know SHEs and we are a fun loving and
sweet bunch of people with enough enthusiasm to make the world stand
up and take notice. Our only problem is that we go full force or not
at all.

Just like a raging river, we are powerful, but if we could only
harness this strength in a more focused fashion. I think our routines
are the dam that channels this energy into a product system.

You know how hard you have worked in the past and then when the day
was over, you were worn out and nothing looked any better. Your
husband would come home and say," What have you been up to today?" You
would be crushed, because you had worked your Franny off and no one
could tell or you would be mad and pout or yell.

If you are having anxiety attacks about releasing some of this clutter
in your home; stop and think about what you are fearing.

1. Is it the security of have 3 of an item, in case one breaks?

2. How about the memories that the item evokes when you see it?

3. And there is always the "Aunt Mary gave us this when we married."

4. I spent a lot of money on this. I can't possibly give it away.

5. Oh, I can fix this, but it has been in the basement for 15 years
waiting to be fixed.

I want you to think about these reasons and look deep into the heart
of them.

I see you living your life from an "Oh poor me" attitude. You don't
want to let go of these things, because you feel you will never have
the money to replace them. We have to work on this.

I believe this is called hoarding. When you have things in your home
that you don't use and others could, this is what you are doing. We
have let our homes fill up to the rafters because we are afraid we
might need it sometime and then we won't have the money to buy it when
we do.

This attitude of "Oh Poor Me" needs to be addressed. When you think
poor, you will be poor. When you give, you will receive. This has been
the case for thousands of our members. Just the act of releasing the
clutter has filled them with such joy and love, that more blessings
have been bestowed upon them. Many people have discovered money in
their piles, in the form of coupons, gift certificates, and checks
they had forgotten about. Several years ago, I listened to Suze
Orman's books on tape and while I decluttered our home. She believes
that when we release the clutter that we respect ourselves and this
will bring more prosperity into our lives. My Sweet Darling gave me a
quote once that I love, "You are rich in proportion to what you can do

Think RICH! If you look at something and have the thought, I might
need that someday, that is a sign that you are not thinking rich. If
you say, "Yes, I may have a use for this someday, but right now I
don't and when I do need it, I will be able to buy it." For now give
it to someone that will use it and that need it more than you do. You
will be blessed.

Now for those Aunt Mary Gifts and other stuff that evokes memories.

Why do you need things to remind you of someone you love? You have
your memories. If you need reminders, take a picture and put them in a
scrapbook or something. You don't need STUFF to evoke memories. A lot
of the time those memories are not much fun anyway. I got rid of
everything in my home that didn't make me smile when I looked at it. I
mean this; everything. Now I only have things around me that bring me
joy. When you can walk through your home with a smile on your face, I
have done my job.

Now let's address guilt; guilt at not liking an item that you got for
a gift. It is O.K. to not like it. It is also O.K. to let it go and
let someone else love it. I know that a lot of the things that are in
your homes are hand-me-downs. A family member gave them to you. You
also feel guilt about releasing these things. Don't! Why do you think
they gave them to you in the first place. They wanted them out of
their home. If they have served their purpose then, by all means let
them go to a new home.

I have been teased about this Declutter song for a long time now. I
just make up the words as I go, but I sing it from the STUFF's point
of view. And at the top of my lungs and that is not a pretty sound.

Listen closely:


You can do this.

Monday, June 1st, 2009
11:49 pm
Anon 1:21 sounds like a bible verse.

"And Anon said, Fair maid, will thoust allow me to come unto you?

And the woman replied: No, motherfucker, I'm not interested because you're a douchetastic fuckstain.

And Anon came to her house and waited outside of her door, weeping with love.

And the woman got a restraining order.

And Anon did say, Thoust are a retard, for thoust never said you weren't interested!

And the woman smote him upside the head with a brick. And it was good."
Monday, May 11th, 2009
10:53 pm
I stayed up a little late
...to finish this thing I was working on, but I was done with that by 10:30

In a fit of self-defeating staying-up=late-for-no-reason (completely unlike "staying up late to finish reading Iodine" or "staying up late because we went on a date" - that was last week) I was reading Poundy.com for the first time in a long time, and Wendy McClure had posted this really excellent thing:

"My instincts to go to the gym on a regular basis, eat vegetables, and not stifle my tears with fistfuls of cheese are in pretty good working order. Doing these things has not made me thin, and maybe that’s a mystery, but one that seems more trouble than it’s worth to solve right now. These days, The Problem is mostly about how sometimes I wince at photos of myself and don’t much like that number on the scale. And who else has that problem? Oh, everyone everywhere? Okay, then."

I love Wendy. I'm putting her book on my birthday list again this year, and if nobody buys it for me I'll buy it myself, like I did with *all* my birthday present wishes last year. And Christmas. Why the hell do I make a list at all?
Friday, March 20th, 2009
11:49 am
Stop the Reroute showing tomorrow
I missed it at the Riverview last year, but it's at the Walker tomorrow, 2 pm - and at Roosevelt h.s. next Saturday, 7 pm.

Listening to the coverage on KFAI is making me really sad, and thinking a lot about how people define themselves, define their communities, and the difference about who you are vs. what you do.

Especially since I don't do much, these days. And I never have been a person to take radical actions. Maybe, if I were, I wouldn't be so full of sorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009
7:00 PM
Roosevelt High School auditorium, 4029 - 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Northern Sun, 2916 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, or at the door, the evening of the event.

Saturday, March 21, 2009
2:00 PM
$8 ($6 Walker members)
Walker Art Center, 1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN
612-375-7600 • http://walkerart.org/tickets
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
5:09 pm
vampire double feature
At the Riverview this weekend.

TWILIGHT PG13 Daily at 9:25pm

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN R Fri-Sat at 11:30pm

Just in case you like them sparkly as well as arty and Swedish.
Thursday, February 19th, 2009
11:20 am
perfectionist fears & hopes
"Perfectionism wastes time -- it smells like procrastination, but it is
really paralysis from the disease of too many choices. We aren't
putting things off, we are just overwhelmed with all the possibilities
and potential."

Lynda, from a testimonial Flylady sends out every once in a while.

This reminds me of the paralysis of choice in shopping (the famous 23 flavors of jam dilemma) and also the paralysis of choice in parenting and (for me) choosing what to wear.

I need to remember that good enough is good enough.
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
12:29 pm
holy sh*t!
I emailed Colin Beavan an article link & he posted about it today.
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