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Waterworld meets the Great Pacific Plastic Gyre

So we know that it’s possibly possible to turn plastic back into oil by using microwaves (

And we know there is a giant whorl of plastic in the pacific as big as a continent. (

Historically, people sailed all over the world in boats ranging in size from small ( to suicidal ( Polynesians settled a large oceanic area using canoes ( And then there is Kenichi Horie,
who has the kind of life that pulp novelists make up for prehistoric inventor traveler hunks named Spear and Glandular.

Right now there is a very small boat made out of trash setting sail for the Garbage Patch ( Sure, sure, they’re scientists, like Heyerdahl was a scientist and not just some dude who wanted to build a giant raft. Activist scientists, even, trying to get us all to forgo that Styrofoam takeout container and just-one-won’t-matter plastic shopping bag that will look just like a jellyfish to a hungry sea turtle.

I hope newly-created or –evolved plastic-eating bacteria don’t attack while they’re out there (

But anyway, here’s what I’m thinking. How long until there are ocean trashpickers scavenging plastics and cooking them in solar-powered microwaves to get oil? Or just scavenging and dragging them in big bales back to land to sell to the black-market oil barons? Hello, Tank Girl. Need oil? Oh, we’ve got another raft we’ve been distilling water on, too. We made the distiller out of trash, just like the raft (

ETA: Christ made of carob, I forgot the pirates! I know pirates are so 2007 on the internet, but they will definitely still exist into the future. Don't stockpile too much stuff on your little raft, scavenger folk.
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